Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker

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Marlon Kobacker’s extensive experience in the sustainable design and renewable energy industry has now led him to his current role as the director of Sustainable Future Group, a company created with the goal of providing clients with comprehensive product and service offerings designed to reduce operational costs through the use of solutions that are both environmentally and economically practical. As a director with Sustainable Future Group, Marlon Kobacker is able to draw on over 13 years of industry experience while also bringing his widely recognized penchant for developing innovative solutions.

An accomplished professional who is able to boast an exceptional degree of international experience, Mr. Kobacker has worked in a variety of critical capacities with major firms such as Transurban, Aecom, Cundall and Edge Environment, and he has served as a sustainability consultant or advisor for countless others as well. Given his expertise and his status as an industry leader, Mr. Kobacker is frequently sought after to be a featured speaker at conferences all over the world, often focusing on subjects that include cost-effective sustainable design as well as whole-of-life cost optimization.

Mr. Kobacker also holds the unique distinction of having been the first student to complete the world’s inaugural undergraduate program in photovoltaic engineering, earning degrees in engineering, photovoltaics, solar energy and computing from the University of New South Wales before going on to earn his master’s degree in sustainable design from the UNSW School of Renewable Energy Engineering. Mr. Kobacker then remained at his alma mater as an instructor, developing a new course bearing the title, “Solar Architectural Technologies.”

The clean energy expert can cite a number of certifications and accreditations relating to his current responsibilities with Sustainable Future Group, as Mr. Kobacker is a Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Accredited Professional, a US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional, and an Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional. These certifications are a reflection of Mr. Kobacker’s continued commitment to taking advantage of any ongoing professional education opportunities as well as his dedication to either driving innovation or remaining on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

Mr. Kobacker has also written extensively on his many areas of expertise, publishing articles in a number of professional journals while also recently publishing a book, “Removing the Capital Cost Barrier to Sustainable Building Design.” In addition to his current work with Sustainable Future Group, Mr. Kobacker is also lending his professional expertise to a number of sustainability and clean energy projects with Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA) as well as EarthRights International.

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