Dr. Raouf Farag Explains Why You’d Rarely See a Doctor As a Business Owner

Dr. Raouf Farag Explains Why You’d Rarely See a Doctor As a Business Owner

Dr Raouf Farag business doctorsStarting a business is something that takes courage and initiative along with ambition and faith. Those four ingredients are only a few of the building blocks needed to take a potiential business owner to the stars. As surprising as it might sound, successful people as doctors wouldn’t make very good business owners.

According to Dr. Raouf Farag, doctors have fears of failure which is a poison to a business owner. In the business world, you must understand that most of your attempts at anything will fail, including most businesses you start. All is not doom and gloom, because in the endeavor of starting your businesses and failing, eventually one will make it if you persist. Doctors, on the other hand, care so much about people and what people think of them and their practice. From what Dr. Raouf Farag has said, tough criticism multiplied with a tough job under unbearable stress would send most people into the padded room. It would be too much to handle. Business owners have learned not to listen to the criticism because if you are truly doing your best, what can people really say?

One of the great reasons why you wouldn’t see a doctors as a business owner is because doctors are highly calculated individuals who have to know all the information, statistics and possibilities. One thing a doctors hates most is uncertainty which is a given in any business endeavor.

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