Darren Pawski

Darren Pawski


As the managing director of Synergy Financial Solutions, Darren Pawski continues to lead an industry in which the education and empowerment of clients with regard to their short- and long-term financial planning remains absolutely essential. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry with Commonwealth Bank as well as a number of other highly regarded financial services institutions throughout Perth and Western Australia as a whole, Darren is able to bring exceptional insight and expertise to his critical leadership role with Synergy Financial Solutions.

Ken Shipp/DOE PhotoDarren is a graduate of Deakin University, where he earned his diploma of financial planning. A firm believer in the benefits inherent in a commitment to taking advantage of further educational opportunities, Darren has since secured his Certificate IV in mortgage broking from Kaplan and is currently at work on his Masters of Finance and Banking from Edith Cowan University. Along with his laudable academic record, Darren has also been recognized for his work in the independent financial planning sector and was named the 2012 Member of the Year by the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners.

An experienced senior manager who has spent the entirety of his career in positions of leadership in the financial services industry, Darren has also been a tireless supporter and advocate of the aged-care sector. During his time away from Synergy Financial Solutions, Darren is likely to be volunteering for a number of important causes and can often be found engaged in a variety of activities alongside nursing home residents.

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