About Darren Pawski

About Darren Pawski

Darren Pawski is the Managing Director at Synergy Financial Solutions, a financial services firm that provides a comprehensive technique to mortgaging and financial services. He is a highly experienced senior manager who has spent most of his career in positions of leadership in the Financial Services Industry. Having secured his first job with a bank in Perth, it made the basis for his now successful professional career. Since then Darren can now lay claim to more than 30 years in the industry.

Darren Pawski was born in Australia in the city of Brisbane. He graduated from Deakin University with a diploma in financial planning. Being very keen on furthering his education, he has managed to secure a certificate IV in mortgage broking from Kaplan University and is currently working on his Masters of Finance and Banking at the Edith Cowan University.

He has collaborated with highly respected financial institutions like the Commonwealth Bank and has also been recognized for his excellent work in the independent financial planning sector leading to being acknowledged as the 2012 Member of the year by the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners.

Darren-PawskiHis exceptional academics and experience in the industry gives him the ability to bring forth numerous insights and expertise to his critical role with Synergy Financial Solutions. In an industry where education and empowerment of clients in short and long-term financial planning remains highly essential, Darren continues to be most qualified and able. He is passionate about being able to use his professional role to help his clients create a sense of security regarding their financial future as he takes a lot of pride in his extensive mastery of the financial services industry. Among his personal attributes is committing to the service of others.

When he is away from Managerial duties at Synergy Financial Solutions Darren enjoys giving back to the society by volunteering to many causes but most often can be involved in a variety of activities alongside nursing home residents. He is a leader who understands the value in our aged society and advocates strongly for the aged-care sector.